Larkhill Racecourse

The Course

The course today is roughly triangular in shape and comprises 2½ miles of old downland grass track . It is approximately 80 feet wide, giving us ample room to move fences throughout the season to ensure fresh ground for each meeting. There are 13 fences, 5 of which are jumped twice in a three mile race. There are two open ditches – Nos. 3 and 11.

There are four tank crossings on the course – between fences 4 & 5, 6 & 7, 10 & 11 and 1 & 2. These are regularly maintained throughout the season to ensure a flat surface and they are covered with wood shavings for meetings to soften the underhoof conditions.

The course is a right handed one and runs from the start, through a light dip and then slightly uphill, it flattens out from Fence 4, round the corner and through the home straight, round to Fence 7, through a chicane and then another straight of 4 fences before the downhill section with a long curving right hand bend and then up a testing incline to Fence 13 and back through the start to what, on the second circuit is Fence 14, giving a 3 mile track. We also have 2½ mile starts and 1½ starts for our Charity Race and Pony Races, and in 2013 wewill also include a straight flat race.

We also maintain and offer a 1½ Gallops that runs beside the main racecourse and 5 training fences (3 birch and 2 hurdle type). This is open to any who wishes to use it – on payment of a fee!

We ask anyone who wishes to use this facility to contact the Clerk of the Course, Suzie Vickery on 01980 655445/07971 207153 who will issue Trainers Permits as required. This is to comply with MOD regulations about who can or cannot be on the course during times when troops could be moving around the area, or live firing.